About Bishop Smith

“I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind. I will firmly establish his house, and he will minister before my anointed one always.” ~ 1 Samuel 2:35

The vision that God has given Bishop is not just learned, it is experienced. God told Bishop Smith to raise up a people who would praise Him, worship Him, learn of Him, obey Him, and reach the world with the power of His love. He believes that whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are available, God can use you, your time, talents, and your treasure to help change the world.

It is his God-given goal to restore broken lives, rebuild families, empower people for change by tearing down traditional thinking and raise the standard of living of the oppressed to a standard of excellence by imparting vision in the minds of people in this region and the world.  He has traveled locally and internationally and has ministered in several countries including London, India, France, Africa, and the Philippines, supporting and establishing churches to accomplish this goal.

He is the overseer of several faith-based organizations and projects, including Tylertown Neighborhood Resource Council, Blessed Beginnings Child Care, Heavenly Delite Restaurant In & Out Mini-Mart, TFBC Tutoring and Summer Enrichment Program, Youth Pregnancy Prevention Program, Tobacco Prevention Program (SWAT) and a Transitional Housing Program.

He is a licensed Social worker and a Certified Behavioral Therapist with a Certified Addictions Specialist endorsement. He was designated as a HIV/Aids Community Liaison Coordinator, providing counseling to inmates, directing a post-release program. His affiliations include board member and faculty fellow for Foundation of the Mid South, and a past board member of Southwest Health Agency for Rural People. He is also a Certified Behavioral Therapist, Certified Addiction Specialist, Licensed Social Worker (State Board Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage) and a Family Therapists.

A great Spiritual Awakening is now taking place, throughout the world and we have unparalleled opportunity to become involved. Bishop Smith believes that the awakening of the first century will be duplicated in our time through the church, the body of Christ, under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit, as Christians win people to Christ, build them in faith and send them out into ministry of discipleship,

The Spirit of the Lord is raising up a strong testimony to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. As he sees the evidence of the dry bones beginning to live again, we are constantly humbled and in awe at this great move of God. He has heard God’s command to reach the un-reached for Jesus Christ

Bishop Smith is a native of Tylertown, Mississippi . Bishop Smith has two (2) children, John and Gweneka.  Called for such a time as this, we are honored to have as our Pastor and “set man” of Tylertown First Baptist Church–Bishop Walter J. Smith.

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  1. Today messange,it was mine,am blessed,and i was forced to call my pals to watch NTV and receive the blessings,my Mum almost crying due to God’s confermation of his word.AMEN! GLADYS AND MUM

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